Reimagining the future ​of our blue planet

Reimagining the future ​of our blue planet

we are building the missing blueprint to ​globally replicate and scale the solutions ​that work in cities, Islands and at sea


At Okhtapus we are reimagining urban living ​for a healthier planet. Together, we can ​forge a path towards resilient cities, thriving ​oceans, and climate justice for everyone.

we designed our ​way in, we can ​design our way out

we designed our ​way in, we can ​design our way out

Okhtapus is the first Global Replication ​Platform(™) for a range of blue climate ​solutions in the ocean, contributing waterways, ​coastal areas and the communities that live ​with and from these ecosystems.

Our vision is a world absent of harmful ​planetary threats to the ocean and its ​contributing waterways, powered by the ​potential of people and the ocean to bring ​about a regenerative future.

Our mission is to supercharge thousands of ​ocean changemakers, to rapidly scale, finance ​and replicate blue solutions that we need.

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Can social ​franchising save ​our oceans?

Can social ​franchising save ​our oceans?

We think so!

We are running out of time and acting quickly ​is the only choice we have.

The innovations, financial resources, skills and ​know-how to address planetary issues are ​available now. Many solutions can already be ​scaled up and replicated.

We simply need to finance and replicate ​more of the solutions that work.

Our platform adapts the tried-and-tested ​global franchising model, focusing on scaling ​impact at pace. By applying franchising ​methods to social enterprises and mission ​driven businesses, we enable rapid expansion ​to dozens of new global locations.






Out of sight but not out of mind

Oceans are our largest global commons, but ​oceans often fall victim to 'out of sight, out of mind ​and their resilience is at a tipping point and need our ​full attention.

Oceans hold the key

Oceans are the planet's life support system and a ​powerhouse of solutions for a sustainable and ​regenerative future.

OCEANS are Climate Champions

absorbing 30% of the carbon dioxide

capture over 90% of the excess heat generated by ​greenhouse gas emissions.

and biodiversity boosters

Ocean biodiversity provides food security, medicine, ​and jobs and ivelihoods for billions of people.


Human Body Man Silhouette
Human Body Man Silhouette



Just as the oceans sustain life on Earth, water ​sustains every part of our being, reminding us of our ​deep, intrinsic connection to the blue planet. People ​are at the heart of the blue transition.

at the Water's Edge

Coastal communities embody our connection to ​oceans, serving as vital stewards of our planet. ​Their invaluable wisdom and practices protect ​marine life, while driving economic prosperity. ​Empowering these front-line guardians means ​investing in resilient infrastructure and amplifying ​community-led conservation efforts—ensuring ​healthy oceans and a vibrant blue economy for ​generations to come.

Our Ocean

Our Health

Ocean health is fundamentally linked to human ​health. The oceans regulate our climate, provide ​a significant source of food, and produce over ​half of the oxygen we breathe. When ocean ​ecosystems are healthy, they support ​biodiversity and sustain the livelihoods of millions ​of people who depend on marine resources. ​Conversely, threats to ocean health, such as ​pollution, overfishing, and climate change, have ​direct and severe consequences for humans.

Polluted oceans can lead to contaminated ​seafood, which impacts food safety and public ​health. The destruction of coral reefs and marine ​habitats disrupts food security and the ​economies of coastal communities. Additionally, ​the loss of marine life and biodiversity can ​destabilize ecosystems that provide essential ​services to humanity. Therefore, protecting ​ocean health is not just an environmental ​imperative but a crucial step towards ​safeguarding human health and wellbeing.

the 3 hearts

Inspired by the octopus's three hearts and efficient circulatory ​system, our platform connects trusted ocean innovations and ​local partners to scale impactful projects across the globe. ​These three pillars—innovation, partnership, and finance—form ​the beating hearts of the Okhtapus, working harmoniously to ​create a healthier blue planet.

We want to hear from you if you are:

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Impact entrepreneurs

who have created tested and innovative ​blue solutions and need to rapidly scale and ​replicate these around the world

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Impact investors

from the banking, global development and ​philanthropic sectors who are actively seeking ​implementation-ready and “investable” solutions, ​projects and initiatives globally.

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Project developers and project owners

who can provide insights on new locations and ​the enabling conditions (e.g. permits, local ​understanding and insights) for rapid replication.

the 9 BRAINS

The Okhtapus is a marvel with nine brains: one ​central brain and a mini-brain in each of its ​eight arms.

Like the octopus's unique brain structure, our ​platform combines a central hub with ​interconnected services around the world. This ​network drives urgent action for a healthier blue ​planet, showcasing adaptability and intelligence.

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Validating the impact of each solution ​and project site before replication

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Facilitating the matchmaking between ​solution providers (innovators), project ​developers (enablers) and financiers

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Coordinating a streamlined process ​of transferring the required ​knowledge and data for each party

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Ensuring global access to ​digestible and practical knowhow ​of the solutions that work

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Exhibiting the human stories of ​real impact and change to inspire ​change at scale

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Curating innovative minds in ​collaborating and thinking outside ​traditional boundaries for ultimate ​community driven impacts

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Providing specialist advisory support ​through our team and global community ​to improve the outcomes, outputs and ​impacts of each solution and project

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Evaluating the impact of each solution ​and project site after replication

Our global network

For a global problem we need a global community ​to tackle it. Our community represents over 25 ​countries from The Maldives to Jamaica.

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JoIN ou​r Network

Our Team

Mehrnaz Ghojeh


As the Design and Strategy Lead Mehrnaz brings ​15+ years of expertise leading multidiciplinary ​teams and projects, scaling equitable climate ​solutions across a network of over 100 cities ​globally, leading efforts on global/local agenda ​setting, strategy and policy development, ​coalition building, knowledge and skills ​development, project financing and ​implementation.


As the Ocean and Partnerships Lead- Stewart ​brings 20+ years of unique mix of experience in ​conservation, resilience and community ​development - from island and indigenous ​project implementation and finance to urban, ​ocean and coastal tools and strategies, including ​blue economy and blue tech with the Center for ​Ocean Policy and Economics and SeaAhead ​Blue Swell Incubator.

In addition to the core founding team we are grateful for the ​ongoing support and contribution of our advisors:

JoIN ou​r Team

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